Right said Fred

I’m about a week late with this instalment but better late than never! Here are the first of our own pics from inside the van. As you can see we were being willingly assisted by my littlest Elliot.

So, we had decided to rip out the old seating and install a nice big corner sofa. As this was going to be the last stage we bought an old sofa for a tenner to put in temporarily for our own comfort.

Well, one of Mike’s favourite things to say to me is ‘didn’t you measure it first?’ Guess what? We didn’t. And guess what else?? It didn’t fit through the door! As you can see from the pic, Elliot was doing his best with the tape measure while Sam and I shed a little tear.

You will be pleased to know however that the sofa now has a new home in Sam’s house as the rabbits have eaten hers. We also discovered 6 new baby rabbits inside said eaten sofa, but thats another story.


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