Due to three out of five children being ill and off school for the last two weeks we have made very little progress on our beloved van. However, we have done a bit. One day of finishing off painting, a couple of days pricing carpet end rolls, bit of charity shop shopping. And today i have been sewing curtains.

As you know, we are doing this project in an environmentaly friendly way, and recycing & reusing as much as possible. The curtains in the van were pretty horrid but replacing with new would have cost a fortune. So, out came my fabulous pink and yellow idiot proof John Lewis sewing machine and a load of curtains from the loft and charity shops. The lovely ones above were brand new extra long curtains which i have cut up to make two pairs, so thats both twin bedrooms sorted. I also found a pair for the double room in a suitcase that i forgot i had got! There is also a huge pile of plain Ikea curtains for me to mess about with and try to furnish the living room windows. It’s all fun and good for honing my sewing skills.

Hopefully we will be getting back in the van this week to paint the double room and the living room. Of course pics will follow!


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