Too Green?

We have now had 7 weeks of illnesses. Chicken pox, tonsilitis, sickness bugs, etc etc. So it’s been very difficult to get to the van to do anything! However, last Friday we had a child free day and also the benefit of my Mummy visiting so off we went, paintbrushes at the ready. Poor mum was supposed to be on holiday but ended up painting in our freezing cold van. She did also take on the role of official photographer hense i am for once in the photos. Don’t worry, i will try to avoid this happening in future!

As you can see we have chosen a fabulous (we think!) green for the living room. It was a pot of paint we already had which we toned down with white. There is now a lovely white patch on the carpet too. It’s a good job we’re getting new ones!

We love the green however this change of colour scheme has meant another trip to the upholsterers to change the fabric for the furniture. Oh well, we do love to change our minds! Hopefully we will be getting to good old Trago Mills to choose the carperts soon!

Two bedrooms left to paint, carpets to go in and upholstery to be done. Then we should be ready to move our lovely van to her new home. When we get closer to moving we will be holding a little competition on our Facebook page to win a weekend holiday in our lovely van so keep a look out!




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